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Remove ngOptions Elements in AngularJS

With the passing time, AngularJS is getting popularity day by day. We all know AngularJS is the structured, most powerful and powerful front-end framework. But today I am not going to describe you about the AngularJS. But I am here to describe an easier & effective way to Remove ngOptions elements in AngularJS.

How to Remove ngOptions Elements in AngularJS

AngularJS provides a ng-options directive to display the options of selectlist. Here I use a categories array (array of object) for the selectlist. Every category object has (id, name, and is_active) keys and is_active true means Active category and is_active false means Inactive category.

Now, I want to display two selectlist, one if for active and another one for inactive. To do this I am using filter:{is_active: true} for active category’s selectlist and filter:{is_active: false} for inactive category’s selectlist.

With this filter, you can easily refine options base on your application needed. So developers can fell free to use is and make their code more maintainable and handy.

If you have any advice or query, please fell free to ask me.