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How to Change the Apache Port in XAMPP

Sometime it is necessary to change our apache server port number. It’s really important to now how to to that. It is quit easy  procedure, just follow the instruction.

STEP 1:  Go to your xampp(where you installed xampp) and then go “xamppapacheconf” and open the httpd.conf file.

STEP 2: You can see there


#Listen [::]:80

Listen 80


Now you can edit the port number, Here is default is 80 enable, just change the number with your necessary port number.

 NB: “#” sign means disable sign, so you can simple disable port number 80 just add a # before the word Listen. And add your number by type Listen and your necessary port number.

STEP 3: Finally restart the xampp. This is the simple process it will take maximum 5 min.