How to install WordPress

WordPress is the most attractive and very much user friendly content management system. WordPress is pretty easy to use . It has some attractive feature. People of none IT can easily install it and manage their website. In this tutorial I am gonna show you “How to install WordPress”

Step 1 : Download the latest version of Wordpree from and extract the file.

Step 2 : Copy the file into your htdocs directory. Rename your extracted file into your chosen name (e.g wordpress).

Step 3 :  Type localhost/wordpress in your browser and you will see this image. Then click the “Create a Configuration File




Step 4 : The you will see another page and click “Lets Go” then you will see this page.



Now you have create a database and replace database name ,username,password with your database name .username,password. then submit it and you will see another page. Just press “Run the install“.

Step 5 :  Now you have to set your “Site Title, Username,Email,Password and press “install wordpress

Step 6 : Finally you have to type “localhost/wordpress” in your browser to visit your website. and “http://localhost/wordpres/wp-admin” for your admin panel. Login into your admin panel with you give Username and Password which is set in step 5

This is the simple step for install the wordpress. How you guys are enjoy it.


By Sohel Rana

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