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Create NGINX Virtual Host with PHP 7.0

Here I have shared a script for creating NGINX virtual host with PHP 7.0. NGINX virtual host with  5.x and 7.0 is very similar but only different is php5-fpm.sock location. To create a NGINX virtual host open the configuration files by running this command.

sudo gedit /etc/nginx/sites-available/default

And then copy-pastes this code snippet and modify it by your configuration (information). Then restart your server. And you are ready to go.

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Create Virtual Host in Nginx Server

To create a virtual host in Nginx server and access that by your browser you have to follow couple of steps. In this tutorial I will try to describe how you can create virtual host and how you can access your file by brower.

First STEP: Open your nginx configuration file by running this command.

sudo gedit /etc/nginx/sites-available/default

Second STEP: Then configure you host by following this

Third STEP: Open your hosts file.

sudo gedit /etc/hosts

And write ‘’  anywhere of your hosts file. Finally restart your nginx server and browser ‘’ in your browser. That’s it, hope it will work for you

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