How to Generate PDF in jQuery! Make it Simple

Web developers have to deal with generating PDFs (invoices, money receipts, bills, etc) as part of web development. And most cases it is not tough to do but it is quite irritating. In a few cases, it may really difficult.

Developers have to spend a lot of time and effort to generate PDFs similar to the web interface. Like, PHP developers use DOMpdf, FPDF, TCPDF, MPDF, or other libraries for generating PDFs, but they have to deal with a lot of complexity to match the PDF design similar to the web interface.

Isn’t boring! So here I come with the handy and easy solution to Generate PDF using jQuery.

Generate PDF in jQuery
Generate PDF in jQuery

Generate PDF in jQuery

To generate a PDF of your website just pick a DOM element name (identifier ID) of your website and pass that, just it. jQuery will handle the rest of that things. that’s it! Please see the code block for more details.

Code Sample:

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